Who Are We?

The Happy Jar is a website dedicated to reminding you that there is always something positive happening among both the good and bad days. We offer you the chance to record and keep track of what keeps you going from day to day.

What do we Offer?

Besides leaving yourself notes, you have the ability to look back on past notes, follow your friends, and see what amazing things are happening in their lives. Think of it like Twitter meets Timehop meets an episode of 7th Heaven. There’s a lot of smiles to be spread.

Update from your Phone!

The Happy Jar is a fully responsive website, meaning it was designed especially for complete ease of use from your smartphone. Make life easier by just dropping a word of thanks or positivity in a minute or two straight from your phone.

Featured Note

I got to spend today with some of my very best friends that I never get to see anymore. The time spent with them was wonderful. It's days like these that remind me how lucky I am to have them.

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